One of the BEST ad campaigns about representation I have seen.

Everyone has a backbone. Use yours.

Just a friendly reminder that words have a huge impact.

Something to think about :)


i love this it is so true we need to be more respectful to everyone regardless we are all the same on the inside we all have feelings and our feelings all react the same way

yumbo and good night

I have eaten clean for at least 5 weeks now not much has changed body wise because my training is hampered by knee injury and chronic fatigue so i have to start look after no1…MEH!!!!!!!!!!!! tonight i didn’t feel like egg white and protein cupcakes so decided to make banana ice cream and thought hmmmmm wonder what it would taste like with my double chic whey protein not only did i feel like i was having ice cream I felt like i was having chocolate ice cream and not cheating wooohhooo now off to bed to rest this weary head……….hope you had an awesome monday and wishing you a terrific tuesday